Saturday, January 2, 2010

Trouble in Paradise? What's wrong with this picture?

Does this look like a leader who is concerned that the 'Underwear Bomber', Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, was not treated as an enemy combatant and interrogated so we now have no idea who radicalized and then trained him, where they're coming from, and when and who is the next target when experts in this field say that "we can expect to have an airliner go down within the next 30 days"? Since being mirandized, he's even exercised his right to refuse to give his own DNA which would link him to the plane. Why didn't the leader of the free world cut his vacation short and head back to Washington, P.C.? Is this not a big enough problem to merit his 100% focus and attention or are the Snowbama's just to difficult to give a pass ?
Have a look at the following and ask yourself who you trust... (Obama, who says he didn't realize Rev. Wright was radical, would play the tapes of Wright's sermons in his car while he was travelling throughout the state of Illinois during his politcal career.)
And, finally, some information on the substance used by the "Underpants Bomber":

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