Friday, January 8, 2010

If Ignorance is Bliss, then why are Joy and Sandra so NASTY!!!

We need to start looking at the character of the people we come across on a daily basis, especially those we see on television and go beneath the surface and beyond their facades. Have you seen this gem on the small screen...

When did some American women decide to become so mean-spirited, petty, rude and ignorant? Obviously, Ms. Behar and Ms. Bernhard are of the old-fashioned school of feminism...women who are not exceptionally attractive, but who like to rival men as their equals in their very masculine approach to life. Well, we've come a long way from those days, baby!

Josephina Victoria Occhiuto (Joy 'Nasty' Behar - meaning of Occhiuto - Italian word for a keen-eyed, prying person as if that shoe doesn't fit) was born in Brooklyn, New York...her parents, a seamstress and a truck driver. She is divorced from her first husband, Joe Behar, and they had one daughter, Eve. She holds a B.A. in Sociology, which she obviously hasn't used to analyze her own personal issues, and an M.A. in English. She is so painfully vulgar and unladylike that she's drawn criticism from the Anti-Defamation League and the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights claiming her to be one of the worst offenders of anti-Catholic animus. This is very sad considering she was baptized and raised a Catholic who took Holy Communion upon her confirmation. Her live-in of 26 years is no Todd Palin to look at or in any other way.

Sandra Bernhard is a comedienne. Her specialty - to bitterly critique celebrity culture and political figures. She had a thing going there for a bit with Madonna...don't know if that means she's a lesbian or bi-sexual. She lived in a kibbutz for a time and was a manicurist, but it seems no higher education after completing high school. She's not a classic beauty, lots of past controversies and she has a child out of wedlock.
It's interesting to add Rachel Maddow's stats as she also regularly despises Sarah Palin on her show...she comes to us a la Keith Ulbermann (which explains a lot of things as he named her number three on his World's Best Person's List - some comment that the two are soulmates...keen observation), and is the daughter of an ex-Air Force captain/attorney and his Canadian-born wife who is school program administrator. Maddow is an ultra-educated Rhodes scholar (the first American one who was openly gay to do so with a B.A. from Stanford in Public Policy and her doctorate from Oxford University in Politics), was raised in a deeply conservative Catholic family whose values she rejected upon becoming an adult and she now has her own show on MSNBC and lives with her partner, Susan Mikula, who she met doing yard work at Mikula's house whilst writing her doctoral thesis which is titled "HIV/AIDS and Health Care Reform in British and American Prisons"...where she came up with that subject, who can know...
And, lest we forget, here's another woman who thrives on the same tactics as Behar, as well as her penchant for Botox and keeping her true self and agenda secreted away behind closed doors, Nancy Pelosi. I remember when she shunned China for it's inhumane treatment of it's populace, but hypocrisy won out once she decided to 'follow the money'...let's hope we stop things in Washington before the way of life in China becomes OUR way of life...

If either Behar or Bernhard or others, like Rachel Maddow for example, had bothered to truly read "Going Rogue" with a mind to understanding Ms. Palin, as I did, "Hillary's Choice" with a mind to understanding Hillary, they may have seen what a truly hard-working, energetic, competent and caring person Sarah really is. Her husband and five children obviously adore her. Her parents, who have been married all of these years, have been central to her life since she was a child (her mother was a school secretary and her father a science teacher and track coach). Her friends have been loyal to her since childhood and are still her best friends.

She has quite literally put Alaska, a clean and flourishing state, on the map for many of us that know little about it. She has only served in leadership positions, having used scholarship money from the Miss America program to pay for her college education as all the Palin kids were expected to pay their own way, however she also had myriad other less glamerous jobs to make up the difference in tuition. She is a member of the National Honor Society. Her leadership positions have included City Council member and Mayor of Wasilla, Chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Committee, Governor of Alaska, nominee to the office of Vice President of the United States, author of her own autobiography with over 3,000,000 books sold to date (which was written in her own words and without a ghost writer), and a future where the sky is the limit - I only wish I could be her campaign manager and get her to where we'd like to see her end up. These accomplishments, alone, leave Behar, Bernhard and Maddow palin-g in comparison.

And, ladies, she did all of this without uttering ONE unkind word whether on the campaign trail starting with her riveting speech on the day we first saw her and joined in with Oprah Winfrey who said, "Who is that and where did she come from?", then going on to deliver her nomination speech at the RNC convention which knocked it out of the park, or debating Joe Biden.

I can tell you, Ms. Behar, that you are definitely a very unhappy woman and a very unfulfilled one. I can also tell you that you are full of envy, because Sarah Palin has it all and handles it all flawlessly and seamlessly because she has a 'very' modern relationship with her husband and one that works in every way and an extended family that is there for her family, as well as her sibling's families! And just because you say something, does not make it true as most of Sarah's loyal followers, including myself, are highly educated, attractive (and I use the word 'attract' as you don't have to be a raving beauty to magnetically draw a person to yourself and on a continual basis), as well as successful in our personal and professional lives. We look at Sarah Palin as a normal person who loves and fears God and respects everyone.

I think, Ms. Behar, that what Sarah Palin has inside is something most people never get - the Spirit of Christ! You may feel comfortable bashing Him, but I'd be more careful if I were you as you are racking up one long list of things for which you will need to atone some day! But, Sarah...she puts her beautiful head on a pillow every night as a forgiven woman!

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