Friday, January 15, 2010


Scott Brown has done it...he has won in Massachusetts!!!
Scott Brown has pulled ahead in the race for Senator of Massachusetts against Martha Coakley to take the seat vacated by Senator Ted Kennedy upon his death. The election is Tuesday, January 19th. Obama is now on his way to Massachusetts to campaign as they know they are on the ropes. This link - the Massachusetts Miracle - is phenomenal! We need to do ALL we can to take this country back.

If Scott Brown will be 61/39 in the Senate and the filibuster-proof Senate is doomed and Senator Liebermann will refuse to vote on any health care bill until the new Senator is seated. Please send whatever you can, by way of donations, as we are in hand to hand combat and if we win this one then we are well on our way to getting the country back on a positive course with God at our helm!!! COME ON PEOPLE!!! WE CAN DO THIS!!!

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